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Stalked By A UFO and Visitations On Highway #16, Houston, British Columbia

The original report below, sighting in Houston, British Columbia came from Mr. Peter Davenport at the NUFORC ( as he thought I would be interested in looking into the case due to it being in the area where I live. HBCC UFO called the lady who filed the report to Peter and HBCC UFO had a long conversation with her. I did not realize just how much more there was to the case. Also the lady who I named Connie in this report will writing up a full version of all events that have taken place over the years.

I would like to express my many thanks to Peter Davenport for passing along this case to me for follow-up and to the kind lady for taking the time to have a wonderful conversation with me.

Houston, British Columbia

Date: August 8, 1998 Time: 2:00 a.m.

It was 2:00 a.m. and I was headed East on the Yellowhead Highway, Hwy 16. I was just a few miles outside of Houston. I had just left the little town of Smithers and I was looking for a Fair Grounds that I had thought they had there to stay overnight with 5 horses that I had brought out of Alaska. I had traveled this highway lots of times and usually stayed in Vanderhoof or Quesnel but the road had been bad coming down the Cassiar Hwy and had slowed me down. My traveling companions besides the 5 equines consisted of my SharPei dog (CharChar) and 1 cat (Sally). It was my traveling companions that alerted me to something unusual in the beginning. Char started howling in a strange way and was looking out the rear window. I could see a strange white glow on her when I turned around. At first this registered as light coming off my front running lights on the horse trailer, the problem being they are orange, not white. Still did not register with me that there was anything unusual yet. Then Sally, the cat, started making strange noises I never had heard before and she actually jumped up on the seat in front with me then jumped back to the back and went under the seat. Her hackles were up at the time.

Meanwhile, Char is running from the back rear window to me and whining and her hackles are up. I was at this point starting to get spooked. I had slowed down considerably looking for the Fair Grounds and had been leaning forward on the steering wheel (there was some ground fog in the valleys there too). It was at this time that I realized the truck was glowing with a white light and the ground around me also was. It was like I was in a big spotlight with one of those new blue-white headlights they have out now.

I leaned forward and looked up and realized that there was something over me. It was as larger than a large full moon in size in the sky and was a glowing green color with this large white light in the middle. Like a stupid idiot I really slowed down and rolled my window down and listened.

I heard no engines. At this point I am trying to justify this with a meteor, crashing plane, helicopter, anything but imagining that I could be the perfect "UFO medical experiment on wheels, 5 equine,1 feline,1 canine and 1 hominid." This my daughter later reminded me of and we had a good laugh, however I failed to see the humor in it at the time it was happening. I don't think I directly thought of this however I know it had to be in my mind.

The object suddenly removed the light from me and then sped forward. I was at this point going up a hill and it appeared to be going to the top of the hill to land. It was at this point I actually saw 3 points of light that were red or orange on the edge. I thought they might have been engine exhaust or after burners. It was a little unclear with the fog I was going in and out of. This was not a heavy fog, more like a mist. It hesitated at the crest of the hill then suddenly made a sharp turn and headed due North from me. It was at this point that I realized that I had come to a complete stop in the Highway. Myself and Char were just staring at this thing. I can't tell you what was running through her mind but I can tell you I was now scared.

It went through this mist and went right up and over a small mountain there. I could see the glow of light from beyond the mountain like it had landed. I got going again quite quickly and stopped in the next town to call my husband. He is in the USAF and while I am relating all this to him it was at this time I realized that the entire Convenience Store was now quiet.

Everyone in there was listening to me! One of the customers in there told me that there had been sightings in the area all Summer! Well I ask if there was a RCMP close at hand because I still thought that maybe I should report it.

The clerk in the store he did not think the office for just reporting would be open at this time so I just determined I would call later. There were 2 logging truck drivers there that said that I could park between them if I was still scared since they would be there until 6:00 when the mill opened. This is exactly what I did.

The next morning I started off again headed for Arlington,Washington. Somewhere before Prince George I spied a RCMP on the side of the road running radar and it was a woman. I thought this would be the chance to talk to someone so I parked on the side of the road and approached her vehicle. I had made sure that I had picked up one of my Business Cards first.(I run a horse transport business so I do a lot of traveling at night. It is easier on the horses especially in the Summer. I also had lived 17 years in Alaska so I knew this Hwy and this was a first for me on it.)

When I came up the first thing out of mouth was that here was my business card, that I did not do drugs nor rarely drank and certainly had been doing neither the previous night. She listened to my tale then handed the card back to me and kind of chuckled. Without saying anything to me she got on the radio back to Houston, BC, Canada and told them I would be calling in a report. I interrupted her to ask if it would be a problem if I called once I got to a land line in Washington and she said yes. Well this went better than I had expected. I really thought that she might have been calling out the "paddy wagon" with the straight jackets for me. It was at this time after speaking on the radio she got out of the car and looked at me straight on. She then proceeded to tell me she believed me and did not think that I was a "NUT" since if I was a nut seeing things at night then they had 2 RCMP's that were the same and were seeing things in broad daylight. She said that a craft had been sited in the same area just a few days before.

I proceeded on feeling much better actually. When I got to Arlington, Washington at a motel I called the desk at the RCMP's at Houston and gave them a full report.

Visitations By Little People:

The story is real but the names in this report below are fictitious for obvious reasons.
Connie Driver of the vehicle who had the amazing encounter in Houston, British Columbia.

I telephoned the witness as I had a number of question I wanted to ask her. She lives with her husband on their ranch in North Carolina. The lady was such a pleasant person to talk with, also owns her own business and has degrees in anthropology and archaeology from the University of Houston, Texas. As far as I am concerned she is a very credible witness who gave a number of details in her report that only residents in my area would know about.

As we chatted about what took place that early morning, she went on to tell me about some other frightening experiences which has followed her throughout her life. The sad part to the story is that not only is she being effected, but members of her family and now her young grandchild as well. When I hear about children being involved with such events it saddens me. It is bad enough for adults to deal with the strange happenings, but to know that children are having visitations, etc.. it really does break my heart.

The lady went on to say that her daughter was joking with her about her being a rolling medical experiment on wheels, as she was carrying her pets, horses and of course herself. When her daughter said this, Connie didn't find it very amusing due to what has, and still is, going on in her family.

Connie told me she has had some other troubling times in her family. Her son had an experience and Connie as well. Connie said she called them her little people. She told me she had many dreams, not so much vivid ones, but dreams. But she was very upset when her son, then three years old and when all of them were living in Alaska. It got so bad that she took her son to a psychologist thinking a three year old couldn't make up such a story if something wasn't taking place. Connie not knowing at the time when she made the appointment for her son that the psychologist was a child specialist. The psychologist said to Connie that her son kept talking about this "thing" over and over while they were in the psychologist office.

The lady psychologist told Connie you would not believe how many children come through her office telling a similar story, of these unusual experiences. Connie mentioned to the psychologist that even when she was a child, and now an adult she still has her dreams about her visitors or little people. Connie told me that her husband doesn't even want to hear about any of the experiences anymore, mainly due to not being able to do anything about them ( a feeling of helplessness). But it wasn't until the summer of 1987 when Connie and all of her children went to Barnes and Noble book store in Austin Texas to pick up a book she was interested in reading. While looking around the book store, her young son asked his mother if he could go and look at some of the children's books. Connie said yes, but told him that he was not to wander off and stay where she was able to keep him in her sight. As the youngster made his way to the children's book section he went around a corner, or a different book section which displayed other book topics. All of a sudden all of the shoppers in the book store could hear a young child yell out, "here's my monster Mom"

Connie's son came running back to her with a book in his hand, again yelling out, "here's my monster Mom". What the little boy was holding in his hands was a copy of Mr. Whitley Srieber's book, Communion. On the front cover of the book was this young boys monster, a being with large dark almond shape eyes. Connie told me after her son gave out the loud yell you could have heard a pin drop in the book store as everyone was looking in their direction. Connie took the book from her son, went through the check out and paid for the copy. She wanted to have an idea of what was frightening her child. It wasn't until she got home and later that evening when laying in bed reading a book she had already started did she realize the book in her hands was another one by Whitley Srieber. She had not put two and two together and was rather surprised.

Connie went on to say that now her six year old granddaughter is going through the same things as her son had. Judy tells her Mother and Grandmother that there are little old men who visit me in the night. More information will be coming on how the little girl is doing.

Connie told me when she was a little girl she was terrified of the dark and insisted on having the lights on when she was sleeping, and she told me it is still like this today. Also she doesn't sleep very well.

Connie also discussed some other bizarre things that happened to her over the years of these visitations. One time while still living in Alaska she had a frightful nightmare, woke up the next morning with a burn mark on her tailbone. This burned circle on her back stayed with her for approximately two weeks and she did seek medical help over it. Connie also told me that she has had bad nose bleeds since she was a child, and the same with her son. On one of Connie's trips this last year something extraordinary took place. She was having excruciating headaches and had nightmares before she had left home, matter of fact she woke up the night before she left on her trip and saw beings standing in the doorway. Her nose bleeds became very severe and her husband said we are going to have to take you in to see a doctor when you come back off the road trip.

Connie at this time was transporting horses and was calling her husband on the telephone. On one call she made to her husband at a stop over at a motel, Connie said that her nose was very stuffed up, bad pain above her eye and was taking aspirin for the pain. She said she was continually blowing her nose and getting more blood from her nostril the more she blew until her left nostril was completely stuffed up and no air could pass through it. Finally still trying to clear her sinuses she blew into a tissue a couple more times when something broke free. To her surprise in her tissue was a piece of material approx: one half inch long, one quarter inch wide and had the strangest little nodules on the material. Connie said the debris felt like bone and was pinkish in color. Seeing she was frightened, on her own and upset, Connie flushed the material down the toilet at the motel. Ever since that day she discarded this bit of material, she has had no more problems.

A sad part to this story is that Connie had to help with her grandmother. At the time the doctors thought Connie's grandmother was mentally ill and wanted to have her committed. This was due to her seeing things at her home during the nights. She also walked around with a flashlight all night long Connie told me. As we know with the abduction experience it seems to run through the families, sometimes starting with the grandparents to their children, to their children and on and on it can go. So was Connie's grandmother having visitations ? Even after Connie's grandmother had passed away and the house was bought by another family member, strange happenings still go on to this day in that home.

Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research
Phone: 250 845 2189

Houston, British Columbia Frightening UFO Encounter

Date: December 8, 2003 Time: approx: 8:45 p.m.

I was stopped today in the mall and pulled off to the side. A lady who I know very well wanted to tell me about something she and her husband and two children witnessed on December 8, 2003 at approx: 8:45 p.m.

Her husband had just picked her up from a friends house and they arrived back home shortly after. They pulled into their long driveway only to see the two kids standing outside yelling and pointed towards the mountain behind their home. The husband stopped the car quickly and both parents jumped out in fear as they had no idea what was wrong, thinking the worst. They almost immediately noticed a white oval shaped object sitting stationary over the back of their property.

The oval shaped object had a solid ring of blue lights which seemed to be moving around the white colored object. A slight and annoying hum could be heard coming from it. The Mother went over and grabbed the two children and went into the house with them, Dad followed close behind. They thought it would be safer than standing outside as they had no idea what is was they were looking at. Once inside the home, they proceeded to a back bedroom, closed the door behind them as not to allow any light from inside the home to give away where they were. (feeling frightened at this time).

But still curiosity was getting the best of them. So they watched the object, still sitting in the exact spot from when they first noted it. The family told me the trees which were below it were all lit up in a white light, and for a good distance around the area. After a total of approx: 4 minutes of watching this unusual craft, it slowly started to move. As it did so the witnesses claimed they could see sparks dropping off the bottom side of it. The sparks were reported to be a white in color. They told me that there was no quick moment to the object, it just rose up rather slowly and as it reached the top of the mountain this is where they lost sight of it. The craft did not blink out, they thought it just crossed over the top and maybe moved down the other side. They reported that whatever it was, was huge.

The husband told me it was not a helicopter, no way !! He said we were very close to this thing, and what noise it gave off was minimal, except for this consent humming sound. The husband also said area residents would have been blind not to see this as it was so bright and large in size.
HBCC UFO Note: After I talked with the witness in the mall I made arrangements and did go to visit the whole family earlier today. I sat with all of them for a long period of time and I can say this for certain. I believe they saw something really strange as everyone was still very excited over what they saw that evening. I also will be going back tomorrow to look around the area where this object was reported to be hovering.

Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research
Phone: 250 845 2189

British Columbia UFOs, Beam Of Light, Puzzled & Frightened Residents

By Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research.

Over 200 Witnesses Speak Out - We Want To Know!

What can cause so many residents in various communities from Kamloops through to the Okanagan and the Kootenays in British Columbia left scratching their heads, wondering what it was they all witnessed. Also many people became very frightened and ran into their homes. The answers to the questions I have been asked have been hard to come by, but we certainly know something extraordinary did take place on July 28, 2003 in the early morning hours.

The story begins with a family who was camping at St. Marys Lake, which is located approximately 12 miles east of Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada. Around 12:45 a.m. the husband and wife decided to do some star gazing as the children were asleep and the night was warm and the sky clear and full of stars. As the couple stood looking into the night sky they observed a very bright, white light heading in a southeasterly direction. The moon sized light was witnessed flying low over top Bootleg Mountain and across the lake and at times it's speed did vary. As it slowed, then picking up speed once again the witnesses watched the light zig zag slightly and at times it seemed to wobble until it was out of sight.

When they arrived back home from their camping trip they contacted the Kimberley RCMP detachment and spoke to a Cpl. Rod Carbonneau to enquire if others had reported seeing the object. Cpl. Rod Carbonneau said the detachment received no calls over this matter. The Cranbrook Airport was also contacted and asked if there were any aircraft in the area of the sighting .... but none were reported in the vicinity the object was observed. For the couple who watched this amazing sight on July 28, 2003 not many answers were fourth coming. A couple of area residents did telephone the folks who watched the event telling them what they also saw that night, and another did make a report to the local newspaper.

From A Few Witnesses To a Flood Of Calls.

A report was made to Peter Davenport at the NUFORC in Seattle, Washington and then the sighting report was forwarded on to me here at HBCC UFO Research (Houston, British Columbia) for a follow-up investigation. What I did not realize at this time was just how large this one case was going to be. From a handful of witnesses the case exploded into a major event where I currently have over 200 eye witnesses to something very mysterious.

Two things happened in the early morning hours that Sunday, a large moon sized object was seen by many area residents, and what followed left many folks in communities such as Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna, Kimberley, Cranbrook and as far as Jaffray, British Columbia scratching their heads wondering what it was they saw. A beam, or ray of white light was observed from Kamloops as far southeast as Jaffray, British Columbia. People who watched the strange and puzzling event said the white light looked as bright as a florescent tube and was arced from horizon to horizon as if one was viewing a rainbow. The beam of light sat almost stationary in this position for approximately an hour before dissipating. Almost everyone who witnessed the beam of white light said they had never seen anything like this before. All said they have watched the northern lights many times, but they commented this was certainly not the northern lights.

A Few Of The Eye Witness Accounts - The Light/Object (July 28, 2003).

A gentleman from Cranbrook, B.C. telephoned me and reported that he and his family were sitting outside and were discussing how bad the forest fires are throughout the southern interior when one of the family members spotted what they thought was a airplane with it's landing lights on and heading in their direction. As the bright white light drew closer to them, the size was growing rapidly and so was the brightness of the light. Before they knew it, the light/object was upon them. The family was so frightened due to the immense size of the light/object being almost at the edge of their property that the children ran into the house screaming. The mother followed closely behind. The father followed his wife and kids into the home, but stopped to take one last glance at whatever it was, and watched it make a 90 degree turn to the south. When I spoke to the dad he told me that they heard not a sound coming from it.

Another report came from a lady who was with a group of people on their holiday at their cabin on one of the local Kimberley, B.C. lakes. She told me they were sitting outside on the deck when one of the guests pointed towards the northwest. Low over one of the mountains came a huge, extremely bright white light traveling slowly in a zig zag pattern heading to the southeast. As it got closer to the resort area, many people became uncomfortable due to how strange the object/light was acting. As it passed straight overhead not a sound was heard. Some of the folks who were there said it was like looking at a full moon on a clear night. It was that big.

Two men in a pick-up truck traveling north along the highway just south of Wycliffe spotted the large bright object flying south. As they watched the large light/object close in on their location they pulled the truck over to the side of the highway, and jumped out of the vehicle to get a better look. Due to it being so low, so bright, and passing directly over top of them the light from the object lit up the highway and surrounding area. Both men stood frozen in their tracks and speechless. Both fellows said it moved quickly in a straight line and made no unusual maneuvers. Again no sound was heard which is remarkable due to how close it was to these men, and all the other witnesses.

The above is a small example of what folks saw that night. There are many more reports here of area residents reporting seeing the same thing.

A Few Of The Eye Witness Accounts - Beam Of Light (July 28, 2003).

One lady said what she saw was very strange, it didn't behave like the northern lights as she noted that the lights danced across the sky, or looked like a curtain of shimmering light. She wondered if the long dry hot weather may have something to do with what she was seeing. But her thoughts changed quickly as she watched the beam of light come from the northwest horizon and impaled itself on one of the local hills and that is where it ended, according to this witness.

A party of four witnesses were out for a few days on one of the areas lakes just outside of Kimberley, B.C. Everyone was having a good time talking and having a few spirits. One of the men who was sitting on a camping chair had just poured himself a drink, when he looked up and said to the rest of the people he was with, "do you see what I am seeing"? Everyone replied, "yes"! The man who asked the question was so surprised at what he was looking at, he poured his drink onto the ground and thought he'd had one to many that evening! They all watched a beam of narrow bright white light run in an arc from horizon to horizon.

First they wondered if it might have been a search light as it was so brigh but they soon ruled this out due to the miles and miles the light covered. Again all these witnesses said this event lasted for approximately one hour before it dissipated.

Some three weeks after people saw the beam of light on July 28, 2003, I had calls from Kelowna and Kimberley British Columbia reporting that the beam of light was back in the night sky. Two Kelowna residents stood on the patio with phone in hand reporting what it was they were seeing. The exact white beam of light sat stationary running from horizon to horizon and was extremely bright.

Four Kimberley residents stood outside watching the beam of light, they reported standing under a street lamp and even with brightness from the street light they could clearly see the beam of light sitting in the dark sky.


There is no doubt that something very unusual took place on Sunday, July 28, 2003 in the wee hours that morning. What folks saw in all these communities seems to be a mystery. But I have tried to come up with some reasonable answers for all the questions everyone had for me.

Here Is What I Know.

Over 200 witnesses watched an amazing event unfold on July 28, 2003 (early morning). Some observed the object and others observed the beam of light. (Exact numbers are broken down for how many saw the object or beam of light below. What I didn't say is how many saw both).

31 witnesses observed a huge, bright white low flying light/object.
169 witnesses observed the reported beam of bright white light.

The International Space Station passed over Kimberley, B.C., at 00:24 hrs. on July 27, 2003.

A Fire Ball was observed flying in a southeasterly direction over the West Coast of Canada and the U.S.

Most of the witnesses reported the light/object and beam of light running from the northwest to the southeast.

There would have been a lot of air traffic in some of these areas due to the fire fighting efforts to control the devastating forest fires which raged through some of these areas in the summer of 2003.

Our hearts go out to the people who were effected.

So, the questions that need an be answered are.... What was the strange, large, glowing bright object? Did the object cause the beam of light which sat stationary in the night sky for approximately an hour as the object traveled through the areas?

As for the object, this is certainly a mystery. After a lot of time speaking with witnesses, looking at data on astronomical events, checking on the flight paths, seeing if there were aircraft in these areas flying at the time of the sighting...... I have come up against a brick wall. I have not found any rational explanation for what people saw that night. Fireballs for example as far as I know do not make 90 degree turns to another direction. Also seeing that the object was so low, traveling rather slow in many of the reports and not making a sound. This again is certainly strange. Something else I found rather interesting, was the fact that reported sightings had dropped from my area here in the pacific northwest of British Columbia and reports of unusual crafts of every kind were now being seen and reported by many people residing in the areas from Kamloops, the Okanagan straight through into the Kootenays. Almost every different shape, color and size have been reported to HBCC UFO Research. Did the over 800 forest fires attract visitors from above? I am sure we will never really know the answer to that question..... ?

The beam of white light ended up still being as baffling as the object. When reports started coming in I was sure what everyone was seeing was nothing more than the northern lights. But as the list of witnesses grew, and hearing their comments, I started wondering if there was a connection to these unknowns and the beam of white light. Out of the 126+ witnesses who observed the ray of light running across the night sky from horizon to horizon, only one report was filed saying they believed it to be nothing more than the northern lights. (which I report on below). Everyone else said they have never witnessed anything like in their lives. All said they have watched the northern lights on many occasions, and in their words "this was not the northern lights".

A radio station host put a question on air to the people in the area, asking "has anyone seen strange lights in the night sky?" I was told reports flooded in over this beam of light, and how everyone was left not knowing what it was they saw.

To be fair to all sides, I placed below an email I received from a person who did have some knowledge in astronomy, weather phenomena and the northern lights. One thing I would like to point out, is that what the gentleman viewed was not on the day of this major event.

The email came from a gentleman who, on the evening of July 26, 2003 and morning of July 27, 2003, stated that a sailing regatta was held by the Kelowna Yacht Club. Although the event discussed in the report above took place in the early morning hours of July 28, 2003, I thought the report below was important due to how close all of the events were to one another. Plus I want to give both sides on this case.

Mr. Brian Vike
Director HBCC UFO Research

Dear Mr. Vike,

Re: July 27, 2003

On the evening of July 26, 2003 and morning of July 27, a sailing regatta was held by the Kelowna Yacht Club. It was an overnight race north up Okanagan Lake centered on 50 degrees N. Latitude and 121.5 degrees west. The race commenced near the yacht club and the course was to be north up Okanagan Lake to Whisky Island and then returning to the Kelowna Yacht Club.

The race was attended by perhaps 100 members of the KYC both as participants and safety patrol boats.

I was one of the participants in this race in the 25 ft sailboat (name deleted by HBCC UFO Research) along with 2 other crew.

The race continued for the entire night of the 26th and almost all of the boats were back into the Kelowna Yacht Club by 10 am of the morning of the 27 of July.

The sky conditions for the night was perfectly clear and very calm without interference from the light of the moon or city lights. After dusk a typical number of earth-orbiting satellites were observed. Around 11:30 pm the first appearances of typical shifty northern lights were visible to the north and north-west and continued to be visible on and off until early morning light.

At the peak of the night's darkness, a stable and continuous band of light was present overhead from horizon to horizon in the East/West direction. I estimate the apparent width of the band of light to be about 10 degrees at the azimuth. No indication of colour was observed in this band, nor did I observe any detail or shadowing effects. This band of light was, however, unusual in it's stability of form and linearity of line.

After this long and slow sailing event, some of the participants commented to me on the display of northern lights.

Nothing that I observed that evening could be attributed to paranormal activity. The display of light was interesting but certainly not out of the ordinary compared to many other displays that I have observed in my interest of amateur astronomy.

On a side note, one of my duties was a weather observer/recorder in the Canadian arctic while on station on the Distant Early Warning Line in 1967 and 1968 and was privileged to observe many spectacular light shows at that time. I am convinced that we observed nothing more or less than the Aurora Borealis and a few earth-bound satellites that night and I hope that my observations might shed some light on the matter.

Kind regards,
(Senders name and boat name deleted by HBCC UFO Research).

What folks saw in the early morning hours on July 28, 2003 has left myself and a lot of other people in the UFO field without any solid answers to all of the questions. The one thing I know is that there was an event which took place that left so many residents and myself baffled. It would be nice to be able to supply answers for these mysteries, but all I am left with at this point is another unexplained case!

Also keep in mind that three days later two woman had a missing time experience in Kelowna, British Columbia and the green lights seen on this night were witnessed by others at different locations which backed up their incredible story. Their story can be read at:
And please .. if you have any similar story to report.... regarding any missing time experience you may have encountered... I'd love to hear from you. Relevant contact numbers and information can be found at the end of this page.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to write or pick up the telephone to make a call reporting what it was they saw. All of this data is very helpful. I also would like to express my many thanks to the newspapers who ran an article on this event. The information provided readers with the relevant phone number, email address, fax number etc.. and toll free number so that more of you hopefully will also make a report on anything strange you may have witnessed happening in the skies above.

At the end of the day, there are more questions and answers.

As time allows, I will be posting all of the reports I received over this case to my website.

Take good care.

Brian VikeDirector of HBCC UFO Research
Phone: 250 845 2189

Missing Time In Kelowna, British Columbia

By Brian Vike
Director of HBCC UFO Research

The story is real but the names in this report are fictitious for obvious reasons.

Pat - Driver of the car. Linda - Passenger and friend. Date: July 31, 2003 (Thursday)Time: Between 1:00 a.m. & 2:00 a.m.

Today, Monday - August 18, 2003 I received a telephone call from Pat who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia. The lady was very upset and had a time speaking of the event that took place with her and a close female friend of hers. She told me today that a friend had brought over a newspaper article which was run in the Kelowna Capital Newspaper. The headline read "Seeking Witnesses to UFO." which showed up on August 15, 2003

Here is her story.

She tells that her and her friend are having a very hard time dealing with what took place. Also another couple who live in the area watched an aerial craft hovering close to the location where the two ladies had parked there car at the side of the highway and gave confirmation to the incident, or at least witnessed an object.

At approx: 12:05 a.m., July 31, 2003 the two ladies were playing around on the computer when Linda said, we haven't done any star gazing in a long Pat the lady who contacted me said, you're right, lets go out and do some star gazing. They left home at 12:05 a.m. heading out to an area where they would get a look at the clear night sky without having lights to obscure their view. Pat drove to Glenmore which is north from where she lives and is on the back road heading to Winfield from Kelowna, B.C.

They were driving along and Pat reported that there was quite a bit of traffic for that time of the night but after they decided to stop just off to the side of the road to see what they might notice, the traffic stopped coming. There was not a light from any vehicles, not anything other than a very dark stretch of road. Pat grabbed her flashlight and shone it into the sky as she has done this in the past. Her friend Linda has the binoculars on the other side of the car scanning the starry night sky. They were there only a minute out of the car when her Linda said, this is really strange. There are three stars up in the sky and formed into a triangle shape. All three lights at this time were solid white. Both ladies watched as the three white lights started moving, but moving together. The witness with the binoculars said stars don't do that, and Pat replies, of course not..... as she thought it may have been a plane or something. Linda replies, no this is not a plane as the lights were changing color to a neon green and the object had stopped and hovered just ahead of their car.

Pat turned the headlights off, and shone her flashlight down the road in front of her car. They were worrying about animals such as a bear, cougars, etc.. being around in this isolated area. As she shone the light up the road both of the women spotted something which frightened them a lot. Five sets of eyes staring at approx: 40 feet away from them. As frightened as they were, their first thoughts were of coyotes or some other wild animal, but she said once you really look your brain†takes it in.

Pat describes the creatures as being roughly four feet tall, dark gray shoulders and coming towards the women. Pat said "I was so scared I could hardly†talk†and could hardly breathe". She yelled to her friend Linda, "get in the car, get in the car". Pat said they both†scrambled to get back into the vehicle but she said it was like moving through quicksand and it felt horrible. Being so terrified and trying to move as fast as they possibly could, it felt as if everything was slowing down around them.

Once they were both†back in†the car, Pat tried to turn the ignition on so she could get the power windows up. But all the electrics on the car was failing. The dome light, headlights were going off and on, on their own and as she said. "Everything was going nuts" !

Finally the car started and they turned around in the middle of the road and sped off towards home and as they traveled along they noticed a fair bit of traffic coming in their direction. (Pat commented to me, where was all the traffic when all this was happening?) As they drove along the road, Pat said to Linda, "this is the weirdest thing. "She said I feel like electricity, my whole body is tingling just like I was zapped by a charge from a battery". When Linda heard this, she said, "I didn't want to say anything to you as you might think I was nuts, but I am feeling the same. As if I was hit by an electrical charge." As Linda was explaining how she felt, and facing Pat she glanced at the clock in car and said, "Jesus Pat, look at the time" ! Pat said what are you talking about ? Linda said we were only stopped and out of the car for a few minutes at the most, and the time of the car's clock reads an extra 25 minutes of time.

As they drove along and close to home they both discussed it and wondered if they had imagined it all. As they were just about home, they turned onto Baker Street which is covered in darkness next to a field. All of a sudden they saw this bright, glowing neon green ball low in the sky. The object started moving to the right, "stop", left, "stop", right, "stop", left, "stop" and then it started to move away until the ladies car came to a halt, and so did the object. Before they knew it, the ball of green light started heading towards†them at a high rate of speed and hovered high above their car. At this point they just wanted to get to their home and be as far away from whatever it was as possible.

The driver sped off quickly again and they headed into an orchard which was very close by. They thought they would not be seen hiding amongst the trees, plus there was no lighting in this area to reveal their position. Pat looked at her friend and said, "they will never find us here". Both women are sitting in the car trying to get themselves together as the driver said she was losing it at this point. Only after a very short time after arriving in the orchard Linda said, Pat you better look out the front windscreen and look up slightly. We don't have just one green ball of light, there are now three, glowing green objects. The way the green lights were in the sky, it looked as if the they formed a triangle formation and all moving now together. After a short period of time each of the green lights moved away in different directions.

(HBCC UFO asked if the witness could give some idea of how large the green lights were. The witness told me each of the lights were approx: half the size of a full moon). After seeing the lights flying off into different directions the ladies raced home as quickly as they possibly could.

Once safe at home, both ladies shaken, they tried to come up with some reasonable explanation for what just happened. They tried to put it out of their minds but that was impossible !!!! Later on both ladies turned in for the night and when they woke up in the morning, Pat discovered a large bruise on her left breast and another on the bottom of her foot. She did not know how they got there but she did know they were extremly painful.

As she sat drinking a cup of coffee Linda finally got up and was walking down the hall towards the kitchen when she said, "god, good morning - do I feel rough this morning". After Linda finished saying that ....Pat watched as blood came pouring from Linda's nose. Pat jumped up, ran and grabbed a towel. Linda also†commented that she was having a lot of pain in her lower back area. She asked Pat to have a look to see if there was anything that could be seen. So she looked and gasped, there was a large circle burned into her skin and was located in the middle, lower back area (tail bone). Also bruises were found on Linda's body as well, some of them appeared to look like finger marks and there were three of them on each thigh. Both women at this point were shocked, upset and very frightened.

Linda, who was up visiting from the Abbotsford ended her holiday and headed back home. Two days after being home in Abbotsford, B.C. she went to consult her family doctor due to still experiencing the terrible pain which was originating from her lower back, plus it was not getting any better. Her doctor examined her, and her injury to her back, the doctor said if I didn't know any better I would say you have a radiation burn. He was of course referring to the burn mark on Linda's back. The doctor is still trying to heal this mark on her back, as†something had burned right through the outer layer of this ladies skin.

(HBCC UFO Note:I will be keeping in contact with the witness to this event and hope I may be able to help in some small way). Update to this Story: On the night this frightening experience took place, another couple who couldn't sleep decided to go out for a walk on the warm evening. They looked up at times into the night sky, and all of a sudden they noticed a bright glowing neon colored light. The couple also added that the light was moving in the strangest way, by coming to a complete stop, moving again, stopping and then moved off very quickly. The light was seen in the same vicinity where the ladies had been stopped†at the side of the road.

This sounds like it gives confirmation to what the ladies saw that night.

HBCC UFO Research Foot note: I would recommend to anyone finding such marks as described here in this report, that they consult a professional, such as their family doctor. One has to remember that they do not have to walk in to the doctor's office and make claims of missing time, or possible abduction. Let you doctor come up with the answers. Also there are some very good people who carry out work in the abduction field, and I will be very happy to put you in contact with such folks if you would like. Just write to me and request that I do so, and give me permission to pass your personal information along.

I would also like to add, this Missing Time event took place around the same date over 200 witnessed watched one amazing event unfold in southeastern British Columbia. I also received a flood of sighting reports which also came from this area. July 27/28 to August 18, 2003. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to write me an email.

Take care.

Brian Vike
Director of HBCC UFO Research
Phone: 250 845 2189

Also an hours adio interview can be heard on my website at:

An Interview With Corina - Missing Time In Kelowna, British Columbia.

Also photos of the burns, area and more can be found at:

More on one of the families experiences can be found at:

A British Columbia Nightmare.

Major UFO Sighting - A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

Date: Friday, February 1, 2002,
Time: 9:00 PM
Location: 3 Kilometers east of Telkwa, British Columbia, Canada on HYW #16

Viewing Time: approx. 90 seconds.Weather Conditions: OvercastWoodmere UFO Sighting I was contacted by a friend who told me about three ladies whowent to Smithers, British Columbia, Canada for a days shopping. Once they had their day outing the ladies left Smithers atapprox: 8:45 PM Friday night, February 1, 2002 on their way hometo Houston, B.C.

It was a dark and overcast night as theytraveled the 45 minutes back to Houston on highway #16 headingeast. After passing through the small community of Telkwa just 3 kilometers east they all noticed a "very" bright light glowing through the overcast sky. While they watched this bright lightin the distance their thoughts were that it was the moon shining through, they gasped as this object poked slowly through the cloud cover descending as it drew closer in their direction.The witnesses were traveling at a speed of 90 kilometers perhour with the glowing object coming toward them. One of the girls thought it may be a bomb or something as she remembered the world terrorist events of recent times. The glowing light dropped a head of them just above the tree tops, still moving in their direction and getting closer to the highway.

The closer the light came to them, the larger it grew in size. As the seconds passed, all three witnesses became curious as to what this was and had slowed the car to approx: 50 kilometers per hour to get a better look. The bright light was almost above the vehicle. The driver of the car stepped on the gas and sped up to put some distance between them and the light which now turned out to be a "huge" craft. One of the girls who was sitting in the back seat of the small car turned around and lay her back over the console between the driver and passengers seat, watching the object as it passed over the car. This witness who was looking up as it passed overhead of the vehicle said there were 7 very large, bright white lights passing over head with 2 orange lights at either end. Very shaken, nervous and cold running through them they headed quickly towards home as the object still continued along its way toward the Telkwa area.

They mentioned that other vehicles were on the highway and had to have seen the object due to it's size and brightness. These ladies also said that a pick up truck passed them at a good rate of speed just seconds down the road after this incident. Investigators note: I went to interview the three ladies on Sunday night, February3, 2002 at a friends home. While we were discussing this encounter one of them got a good case of the goose bumps. She said she was happy that she wasn't alone when this took place because she was so frightened not knowing what this object was. She also noted that if she had been alone she would never have said anything about what she witnessed due to not being believed by others. The witnesses drew a sketch of the object which passed over head and I will have that on my website very soon. It was similar to a boomerang in shape and a "guestimate" of size would have placed this object at about 450 feet from end to end. I also contacted newspapers and radio stations throughout the area to see if any other witnesses to this sighting had come forward but was told no one had reported seeing any type of object that night.

I also contacted the Houston RCMP asking if anyone had made a report but was told no. They did though take a report from me, asking for the names of the witnesses which I declined to give. I then contacted the Smithers RCMP Detachment asking the same question and as far as they knew nothing had been reported to them either, but the receptionist asked me if a constable could contact me to get more information on this sighting. An RCMP constable did call and I told him what I knew. He then asked me if I would give him some personal information about myself. I agreed and the RCMP constable asked for my full name, weight, height, color of my eyes, hair color, drivers license number and my street number and mailing address which I was happy to give to him. He told me he had already contacted the Houston RCMP detachment and the Smithers Airport Tower asking if they had any information about what was seen on February 1, 2002.

The Smithers RCMP now has an open file on this case. Update: This morning (February 14th 2002), I checked my email and found that another good friend and excellent UFO investigator wrote telling me of a sighting which took place between January 29 & 31st of 2002 approximately 6 km east of Burns Lake, BC. So something is taking place in and around ourarea.

Military Exercise Taken Place: On February 7, 2002 we left Smithers Airport finally after having a flight to Vancouver cancelled the previous day due to bad weather. There was a low cloud ceiling and the Dash 8-300 aircraft was not able to make a landing. But we rebooked for Thursday, February 7, 2002 to fly out of Smithers, BC. Finally the plane landed and we boarded the aircraft. The pilot's voice came over the PA announcing that the planes wings would need to be de-icing before take off. After all was done and we taxied out onto the runway, the pilot again made an announcentment informing all the passengers that we were going to have to make a "slight" detour from our planned flight to Vancouver, BC. His explanation was military exercises were taking place "somewhere" along our flight path. Now knowing that two UFO sightings had just taken place in our area, I started to wonder if there was any connection to these incidents or was this just a routine practice planned inadvance. I asked the stewardess what the pilot meant by this minor adjustment in the flight plan and she did ask the pilot and the answer I got was that the military can call for an exercise at anytime.

After I got home from my brief holiday south, I made several phone calls to enquire about any military exercise taking place in and around British Columbia at the time we had left for Vancouver. I contacted the military Public Affairs at Comox which is on Vancouver Island. I was informed that this gentleman was not aware of any type of exercises taking place at or around February 7 as I was told. The Public Affairs Officer informed me that he could not understand why the pilot would mention any military exercises occurring as they like to keep a low profile and not interfere with public transportation. I personally thought his statement a little strange. I then contacted the Smithers Airport flight tower and asked afew questions. I enquired if they were aware of any type ofmilitary happenings taking place on the designated flight path to Vancouver from Smithers BC. They also were not aware of anything regarding this matter. But I was told by the folks at the Smithers Flight tower that there were several locations in British Columbia which the Canadian military use for low and high level flight exercises. There are two areas around Knight Inlet on the west coast and another which was mentioned was a1000 square kilometer area around Antahim Lake here close to my area. This part of the country is east of the southern end of Tweedsmuir Park (a wilderness area). Investigators note: I am not stating here that there is any type of cover up, but only gathering the facts which may or may not have anything to do with these sightings early in February, 2002. We do though need to check into any and all ideas which may lead to our military knowing something about these objects (crafts) seen by a number of creditable witnesses. Also due to the number of UFO reports I have received for 2001 there may be something taking place around the Bulkley Valley (Houston to Smithers B.C.) The total reports I have received are 6 for this area plus the two recent cases I have been working on.

Update for the February 1, 2002 sighting - Investigators note: There has been another witness who reported seeing something large and very unusual on Friday, February 1, 2002. I just found out yesterday February 12, 2002 and I am trying to track this witness down.This case is ongoing.


Date: Friday, February 3, 2002,
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Houston, British Columbia, Canada - Industrial Park
Over Bulkley River

Viewing Time: approx. 30 seconds.Weather Conditions: Overcast - Light Snow Flurries Houston Industrial Park Sighting on Sunday, February 3, 2002 another sighting was reported to me which took place in my home town of Houston, B.C. There were two witnesses (husband & wife).

While this couple were at their residence which is above their business the wife heard a loud humming noise coming from outside. She got up to investigate, looking out a couple of windows before she noticed a very bright white object hovering above the Bulkley River just north a few hundred yards from their place of residence. She called to her husband to come and see it. They both witnessed this large bright white object shooting beams of light down towards the river hovering at tree top level. This sighting lasted approx: 30 seconds from the time it was discovered before it shot up the side of the mountain and disappeared.

I was told the speed ofthis object was incredible to say the least. This couple told methey were going to call the Houston RCMP thinking that the object had crashed into the side of the mountain but did not as the object continued it's course up the mountain and out of sight before they knew what was going on.

Investigators Note:I have visited the area where this craft was hovering, but have not found any trace evidence of any kind. Mind you we had about 4 inches of snow late the night of this sighting. I have also taken photos of this area for my files. This case is ongoing.


Reported sightings for 2001 I have been working on:1. Houston British Columbia, Canada, July 2001 - A fellow walks into the Houston Food Mart telling of an object hovering approx: 500 feet above a transmitting tower on Mount Harry Davis here inHouston, BC.

This object was emitting sparks off the bottom side shooting down towards the transmitting tower. This sighting lasted when noted approx: 25 seconds before completely disappearing before the witnesses eyes. This witness was a hard fellow to track down, but I did finally catch up to him.2. Houston, British Columbia, Canada, January 1999 -Snowmobilers on the Telkwa Mountain Range watched a silver/black disc shaped object hover in the distance. There was more than one witness to this sighting. Many people spend the winter months snowmobiling in the area due to the amount of snow we receive each year. One of the favorite places to go is theTelkwa Mountain Range and this is where this sighting took place.

My wife and I dropped into a local restaurant for dinner one night, after finishing our meal I went to pay for it and Iwas asked about the HBCC UFO logo on my jacket, and after explaining what it was the owner went on to tell me of a sighting he had with others. He mentioned that they all watched, including a couple of tourists this silver/black disc shaped object hover in the distance. He also said it was hard to makeout what this really was due to the distance away, but he did tell me what ever it was sat and hovered for some time before vanishing completely.

3. Houston to Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, September 2002- A man driving west towards Smithers from Houston on Highway #16 around Grouse Mountain watched a white light streak low over the valley below him. He claims the light was white in color and very bright. The UFO sighting lasted only a few seconds.

4. Houston to Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, August 2001 - Husband and his wife watched a large white light (object) east of Telkwa. Telkwa is between Smithers and Houston. The object which was reported was of a very large size and glowing brightly. The UFO encounter lasted approx: 20 seconds before disappearing rapidly to the north.

5. Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, September 2001 - A woman who runs a cafe at the (deleted by HBCC ) mentioned to me that she witnessed a bright glowing white object about five months ago which shot across the sky, came to a complete stop, and then disappeared up and out of sight. She told me she had not mentioned this before to anyone until now when she talked to me.

6. Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, August 2001 - A security officer, person who checks out (deleted by HBCC) told me herfriends had witnessed a multi colored object hovering for a few seconds in the Smithers area, and shot off very quickly. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may know something or seen something about the above sightings. Also fellows if any of you receive a report from Northern British Columbia I would be very grateful if you would let me know.

Thank you very much Brian Vike Independent UFO Field Investigator/Researcher HBCC UFO Research Box 1091 Houston, B.C. Canada VOJ-1ZO
Phone: 1-250-845-2189
Email -

Houston/Telkwa/Quick/Smithers - British Columbia UFO Sighting

Witness Reports Part 1

Brian Vike - Investigator

Houston & Telkwa British ColumbiaDate: July 29, 2002Time: approx: 10:30 - 10:45 p.m.

In the following report there is mention of two names out of the 9 witnesses (Only one of these names - Mr. Stewart goes with the July 29th sighting, Mrs. Stewart has a separte report). Mr. Gordon Stewart is his real name, and the only reason I am placing his name to my report is due to the Interior Newspaper received permission from the witness to print the information, other wise I would have left the name out from my report. Although I had permission to use some of the other witnesses names, I choose not to place their personal information in my report, a policy HBCC UFO sticks to.

Location information - Gordon's farm: (Telkwa, British Columbia, Canada) - The witness owns 160 acres of farming land, treed with Spruce, Aspen and Pine in areas, with a good number of acres in Hay fields. This supports his 57 head of cattle. The Stewarts's home sits at 3,000 feet in elevation and over looks the Bulkley Valley and Telkwa mountain range in the distance. (Photos I took from Gordon's farm will be added to my report and will be seen on my website at a later date. Anyone wishing to post these reports to their web sites may request the photos and I will send them along). Gordon's farm is approx 6 kilometers off Highway #16. The next largest town is Smithers which is approx: 15 miles west from Telkwa, B.C. and has an airport for the surrounding areas.

I received a telephone call today (July 30, 2002) from a reporter (Nicole Fitzgerald) at the Smithers Interior Newspaper, Smithers, British Columbia asking if I had received a sighting reports from any of the residents from the Telkwa, B.C. area. I told Nicole nothing had come in so far. She went on to give me a brief description of what one witness (Gordon Stewart - a farmer and resident of the Telkwa area) had told her he seen at 10:45 p.m. on July 29, 2002. I asked her if it would be ok to get his contact information as I wanted to look into the matter and investigate the report. I received Gordon's contact information.

I telephoned Gordon and set up an interview with him at 8:00 a.m. on August 1, 2002 at his home in Telkwa, British Columbia. When I arrived at the gentleman's farm the first thing I noticed was the view, from their beautiful home and picture window they had an unobstructed view of the valley below, and across the valley the Telkwa Mountain range stood still snow capped. I knocked on the witnesses door and a tall well built man greeted me and invited in.

We discussed farming as we made our way through his home to the living room and kitchen area. Before sitting down for a coffee and discussing what he saw, Gordon took me into the living room and he sat down in his chair, pointed out the window moving his arm which indicated the location, and flight path of the object. Gordon mentioned that he was going to catch a late movie before retiring to bed. He said I never expected to have such an exciting night.
At this point Gordon's wife joined us both, and we all sat down at the kitchen table and he gave me a description of what he saw on July, 29, 2002.

It was exactly 10:45 p.m. on July, 29, 2002 when I was sitting watching a late movie when I saw a "HUGE", round white/yellowish object in color, traveling at approx: 600 miles per hour fly at low attitude (approx: 300 meters - altitude) through the Bulkley Valley below. From my distance, he said, the object was the approximately the size of a pickup truck, he went on to say the actual size, in his estimation if he had of been closer to it would have been closer to a school bus. The object traveled according to the witness, west to east. There was "no" sound at all, no reaction from his two dogs which were outside at the time the object passed by. I asked if there was a tail trailing it, he said no. It was completely round and very bright.

As I mentioned above, the Stewarts's farm sits approx: at a elevation of 3000 feet, and the Telkwa Mountain Range sits at approx: 3500 feet. The object was traveling below the top of the Telkwa range, and below the elevation the Stewart's farm sits. He also mentioned the object would have passed directly over top of Round Lake which can been seen 2 to 3 miles in the distance from the farm.

Gordon did step out onto his patio to look around, but the object had already departed from his sight. He came back in and woke his wife (Joanna) and told her what he just witnessed. She for some reason wasn't really surprised. (I will explain below - very interesting!). Gordon made a call to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to make a report of what he just witnessed, also wondering if anyone else had reported anything close to what he just saw. The RCMP told him they had not heard from anyone else. A Constable took the report by way of telephone. The next day Mr. Stewart telephoned the Smithers Interior Newspaper and talked with reporter Nicole Fitzgerald who requested a meeting with Gordon and took the interview. This is where I came into the picture, as Nicole had contacted me.

As I mentioned in the report from Gordon, his wife Joanna was not all that surprised. After Gordon explained what it was he just had seen, thinking his wife may not believe him, she spoke up and said from what you just told me, I seen a similar light two month prior to this sighting. She did not want to tell her husband because she thought he wouldn't believe her.

I asked Mrs. Stewart what she had witnessed, she went on to tell me she was laying in bed awake with the drapes closed over when a "really bright white light" lit up the whole room. Joanna said it frightened her, but still got up slowly and approached the window carefully. She pulled over the side of the drapes and looked out to see a "HUGE" very bright light. As the object moved very slowly across their farm, it shone a beam of white light towards the ground behind their home in a large field. She started to lose sight of the object, so she moved from the bedroom to the living room and watched the object fly "slowly" across their field, across Boundary Road and onto their neighbor's farm where she finally lost sight of it. She said the object moved completely in silence and went on to describe the beam of light as if someone held a flashlight upside down pointing downwards. Joanna said it was as if the sun was out, but within a circle on the ground. (Investigators Note: I received a report this year (2002) from a witness south of Burns Lake, a small farming community called Grassy Plains which is across Francois Lake. This witness went on to tell me of a similar object which did exactly the same thing Joanna saw, or described. This may or may not have anything to do with one another, but both reports would be in the right time frame).

I sincerely thank Mr. & Mrs. Stewart for sharing the story with me, and taking the time to allow me in their home to discuss what it was they saw.

Next installment - Why all the aircraft traffic ? - Why was the military in the area ? - The three witnesses from Houston, B.C, to the July 29th sighting. - My Visit to the RCMP.


Witness Reports Part 2

Brian Vike - Investigator

Houston & Telkwa British ColumbiaDate: July 29, 2002Time: approx: 10:30 - 10:45 p.m.
On July 29, 2002 three Houston residents watched an object fly across night sky. (Investigators Note: Actually this worked out rather funny, as I had already heard about the sighting in Houston before I was contacted by Nicole, reporter for the Smithers Interior newspaper. I put it off as a meteor myself at the time, and to be honest did not give it another thought. I wasn't given much for information about what the fellows had seen, just a quick note to say, "I seen a bright meteor the other night". When I received a call from Nicole Fitzgerald asking if I had received any reports for July 29, 2002, I started thinking about what a witness had mentioned to me about his "meteor" sighting.

Location information - Houston British Columbia (my home) sits in the Bulkley Valley surrounded by mountains. To the west there is the Telkwa Mountain range, and south Morice Mountain and Mount Harry Davis to the north. It is a small town with a population of 2500 to 2600 people living within. We sit at an elevation of 587 meters. Employment opportunities in the area are with forestry, mining and tourism. Houston offers some of the best Steelhead fishing in the world. I area is covered by clean fresh lakes & rivers to fish from, hiking, camping, skiing etc... are great pass times in the area. Houston boosts having the worlds largest Fly Rod, which indeed it is at a length of 60 feet (1829.8 cm) and weighs approximately 800 pounds. the reel has a diameter of 36 inches, while the fly at the end of the line is some 21 inches long. Want to go fishing ? -:))) (couldn't help myself) !

I caught up with the Houston resident and asked him more questions about what it was "he" saw, to my surprise he told me that he wasn't the only one who saw the "meteor"? The witness said there were two other people with him at the time (co-workers). The gentleman told me they were at their place of employment, which is Canfor Sawmill - Houston Division a large very productive operation. I asked what time did they see this object - "meteor"? I was told at approximately at 10:20, but it could have been a little later he said. From what I was told, no one thought to look at their watches mainly due to them thinking what they were seeing was just a meteor, as spectacular as it was.

The Houston witness who first brought this to my attention said he was the first to notice what he and everyone else thought was a meteor. He looked up as a very bright white/yellowish colored, almost phosphorescent round object moved slowly through the night's sky. As the meteor (object) gained momentum it grew a short tail. This fellow was so amazed, surprised at the size and brightness of this thing, that he called to other co-workers. One was up sitting in a large forklift, while the other was close by. The point I would like to make is, the driver of the forklift had to open the door, and climb down from the machine to stand with the others fellows who were all watching this object. This took a few seconds. The total length of time the Canfor employees watched the object was close to 30 seconds and according to the fellows, dropping in altitude heading towards Tweedsmuir Park in a southwesterly direction.

(Investigators Note: When I looked into the "major" sighting which took place this year on February 1, 2002 when three married ladies on their way home to Houston, B.C. from a shopping trip in Smithers watched a "Giant" , well lit craft descend from the cloud cover to approximately 300 feet above tree top level and pass right over their car. This also took place in Telkwa, British Columbia. While I was looking for any information, trying to put the parts together over this sighting I found out that just a little south east of the bottom tip of "Tweedsmuir Park" there is a military testing ground at Anahim Lake which is used for low and high level flight testing. So when "Tweedsmuir Park" was mentioned again I started wondering if there could be a connection between the February 1, 2002 sighting and this sighting of July 29, 2002. I completely stumbled on to finding out that military exercises were taking place (early Fenruary) due to a flight I was on heading to Vancouver, B.C. for my dad's 80th birthday which was on February 6, 2002. The pilot of the Dash 8 aircraft came over the intercom system announcing that the aircraft was to make a slight detour in his flight plan due to military exercises taking place. My question is, would our government in joint connection with the U.S. government be holding secret tests that the public are not aware of ? Or is there "something" using this flight path, (meaning here in the pacific northwest). This of course I have no answers to.

Was the military in our area looking for something ?

After I started investigating, and talking with the witnesses, I started to hear rumors of military vehicles scouring the back roads in the Telkwa area. I was surprised to hear this news. I thought that maybe one or two people had seen someone's personal truck all painted up in military colors, as there is one around Houston. Well it turns out that there was a good number of folks who told me they seen military vehicles traveling towards Smithers from the Houston area on highway #16. The military vehicles were not all traveling together as in a convoy, but rather spread out along the highway. Now how many of these vehicles there were, I have no idea.

Another report came from residents in Telkwa, a husband and wife were driving along the Telkwa High Road when they came across a large military truck, they had to pull way off the road to let this vehicle pass by. Reports from the Smithers area came in as well, so people were seeing them. I had stopped into the RCMP detachment to request information over the July 29, 2002 sighting. I also asked when I was there if he knew, or heard of any military exercises taking place around the areas. The officer said he was not aware of anything going on, but went on to say he has a friend, a Captain in the Rangers and they were planning an exercise for around the end of this month (August). These exercises would be taking place in the Stewart, British Columbia area, which is a long way from us here. The constable also said none of the other RCMP officers mentioned seeing anything like I ask about in the area.

Aircraft activity in the skies - Up ?

There is no doubt in my mind that something was going on, all a person would have to do was to watch the local mountains for helicopter's flying low back and worth. Small aircraft also went back and forth over the local mountains here around the Houston area. Even at night time, (which is very strange) as friends telephoned me to say, look out your window and sure enough, a small plane was over top of Mount Harry Davis traveling in a straight line, or it looked as if the plane was, then to turn around and fly back again, the aircraft kept repeating this over and over until it left in a westerly direction. It returned approx: 20 minutes later repeating itself. Even a Hercules transport showed up at the Smithers airport. I talked with the tower about this, and I was told by them that this aircraft was being used to fly supplies into a mining camp, in which they do. I just had to wonder when I heard that a Hercules transport landed in Smithers at the same time all this was taking place.

Investigators Note: I have lived in the area for a little over 20 years. We see a lot of helicopters flying low at times over the mountains. They carry either forestry, mining, fish and wildlife people doing their jobs. But over three days or so no one has ever seen so much aircraft activity as there had been. As I mentioned above, a lot of people were discussing it as it was out of place for the area. Matter of fact, I heard three large fixed wing aircraft fly overhead. The problem was it was rather overcast. But one did drop down and through the cloud cover and went out of sight very quickly behind Mount Harry Davis. I walked in and picked up the telephone and called the Smithers airport tower and asked if there was any air traffic over Houston, and area.

"I was told no"! So I have to ask, what did I see ? Clouds !

My visit to the RCMP detachment in Smithers B.C.

After I did an interview with the witness and I went to Smithers, I stopped into the Smithers RCMP detachment to enquire about the sighting report which was reported to them. I started to introduce myself, but the gal behind the counter beat me to it. She said "Oh your Brian". I laughed to myself. Mind you I wore my jacket with my logo on it, so I guess it wasn't hard to figure this out. I asked if it was possible to get the information from the RCMP's report that was made by Mr. Gordon Stewart. She asked me to wait while she went to talk with an officer, who came right out and I discussed with him what it was I was after. I told him I had already interviewed Mr. Stewart and had all the details, but wanted to check in with the RCMP to see if they may have had anything else to add. The constable went and grabbed the report, "but keeping the form away from my eyes", which is policy. He read over non personal information and had no more to add to the case.

Is this reported sighting from Smithers, British Columbia a possible connection to the military ?

I posted a sighting report for July 28 - 31, 2002 where three witnesses watched a strange sight indeed. They reported what they saw to the Smithers Interior Newspaper which in turn passed the information a long to me. Below I am re-posting the report with some comments made by myself.

Smithers, British Columbia, Canada

Date: approx: July 28 - 31, 2002Time: Between 10:00 & 11:00 a.m.Daylight sighting:

(From the sounds of things, this sighting took place close to the July 29, 2002 sighting in Telkwa, Houston, Quick and Smithers, British Columbia. I hope to have the exact date from the third witness.)

There are three witnesses to this sighting in Smithers, B.C.. I have talked to two of the folks who watched the object, and waiting to hear from the third, and will update when I do. The first report below is from witness number #1:

I talked with a gentleman today, August 10, 2002 about a sighting which was reported to me and the Smithers Interior Newspaper. I asked of course what it was he had witnessed. This fellow is a logging contractor in the area and seems to be a very truthful man. He actually was very surprised and for the life of him, still can't figure out what it was he saw.

His description of the object: He said it looked like an oak barrel in shape and made of metal , he guessed the object was approx: 15 feet in height and 10 feet across. From his vantage point (approx: 2000 feet away - altitude). He said there were two projections sticking out from the center of the object, approx: three feet a part and darker in color away from the main body of the craft.

The fellow said it had quite a remarkable speed to it, in his estimation the craft was cursing at approx: 300 kilometers which was faster than the small aircraft they see in the area. Also he said there was no sound from the object and it did pass right overhead of him. It flew along side the Smithers airport heading in a southwesterly direction. He described the object as being metallic in color. And again said it was darker in the middle and rotating in the center.

-----------------------------Witness #2

A friend called me outside to look at something as she was very excited. The witness said she did not see it right away. She explained that she looked and looked around in the area where her friend was pointing, and went on to say it was like she had to get her eyes focused to see it. The object was at the right of the airport flying in a southwesterly direction. She said the object was diffidently round in shape and silver (metallic) in color. While they were watching this object, it up and disappeared instantly. I asked approximately what the size of the object may have been. She said it would have been close to the size of a normal wall clock at a approximate distance of a kilometer and a half away.

I asked this her the date the event took place, she said her friend (deleted by HBCC UFO) would know for sure. But she guesses it would have been around two weeks ago. (Investigators Note: If the time frame is correct, then the object they seen would have been right around the same time (July 29, 2002) in which 9 witnessed, in different locations watched a HUGE glowing object fly down the valley. She also said there no sound coming from the object.


I telephoned the witness again and asked some question to clarify a couple of things I wanted answers for. Because of all the air traffic which was around the areas, and the description which was given to me by the witnesses, I wondered if this object might have something to do with the military. I had others mention this same idea to me. From the witnesses description, a barrel shaped object with two projections sticking out from the center of the object, would these possibly be propellers which were tuning in the center of this object ? If so, could this then be a military reconnaissance drone ? These are some of the questions in which I would like to know. After discussing the idea with the witness of the object being possibilty a military craft, he said it might just be. This fellow never thought what they all saw was anything out of this world, but something from here on earth.

From what all of the witnessed have told me, they figured that what they saw was going to crash into the ground, although know one had seen this take place.

Next installment - In the next report I will be talking to the two witnesses from the Quick, British Columbia. I spent a little over two hours chatting with both witnesses, a retired school teacher and her son a Civil Engineer. Also her husband was their, a geologist for the government.

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